With the OMG Girlz and Bahja’s mom yesterday.


    I can’t .

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  1. mbrequested:

    The boys today with Michael Jacksons mother Katherine.

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  2. dani-misfit-prince-prod:

    His hair look at it

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    I,Zola met mindless behavior with my best friend baesquiiat we literally said it and spoke it into being and here we are 8•25•14! i can honestly say that they look better in person. Now i’m not gonna say i had the best experience but everything was fixed☺️ kidswithafros trendy2wice

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  4. mindlessgirl10196:

    Throwback, Wayy throwback❤️❤️ mindlessbehavior

  5. mindlessbeat:

    There’s days I want to whoop his ass. 😑

    But overall he’ll forever be my favorite midget. ☺️