1. mbunseen-pics:

    ❤️ #mindlessbehavior

  2. mbunseen-pics:

    He has been either liking tooth picks lately or eating lollipops 🌞 #mindlessbehavior

  3. mbunseen-pics:

    Tonight at Applebee’s ☺️ #mindless behavior

  4. mbyearbook:

    mmm mm mmm mm. wastin good ass popcorn, and for what? roc’s face the whole time? lmao. Nigga that’s like at least $3.00 worth of good popcron. Depends on if it was freshly popped or packaged popped. Fresh is the best to me!

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  5. mbunseen-pics:

    Tonight ☺️

  6. mbunseen-pics:

    Tonight again Lol

  7. mbunseen-pics:

    ☺️ cute

  8. mbunseen-pics:

    Roc 😍